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In this workshop, you will be carefully guided into a variety of basic to advanced arm-balances and inversions, with modifications, props, progressions, and variations of each pose. This session is an introduction to inversions and is designed for yogis of all levels. This is an excellent opportunity for you to advance your practice and receive focused assistance with new postures.


Inversions are fun, energizing, and can improve balance, strength, posture, and circulation. They stimulate the immune and endocrine systems to invigorate and nourish the brain and organs. Inversions can calm the mind, relieve stress, build confidence, and offer a fresh perspective on our world.


Inversions can also be a source of fear and anxiety. The idea of inverting can trigger thoughts like "I can't" and manifest self-doubt and beliefs of inadequacy. While safety is one of our main goals you will also learn to go where you haven’t gone and trust yourself. In this workshop, you will learn some classical approaches to gain confidence in yourself and conquer your fears of the unknown.

January 25, 2020

Saturday 4-6pm

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