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Kate Hawley

Learn About Kate!

Kate Hawley’s practice of meditation and yoga began more than 20 years ago. As a kinesthetic learner, moving into stillness is often a profound process for her.  Kate came to yoga for the asana and stayed for the transformation - the equanimity, contentment, and growing awareness of the ineffable interconnection of everything. These experiences are here for all of us, with practice, and she wants to share this with you, if you choose. Kate began teaching when she earned her vinyasa certification through Tom Gillette at Eyes of the World in 2004. Since then she has become certified as a yoga therapist through the School of Phoenix Rising, a Little Flower Children’s Yoga teacher, and an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant through the American Institute of Vedic Studies. She lives by the ever-flowing water in Bristol with her sculptor husband.

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