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Please note that our regular schedule is subject to change without notice.  Please sign up for classes in advance to be notified of changes.  Purchases are non-refundable with the exception of classes we have to cancel.  So, of course, if we cancel a class you have signed up and paid for for, we will refund your purchase

Class Cards

Class cards expire 6 months from the date of  first use. 

Cards are valid for classes on our regular schedule which is subject to change without notice.  

Please register in advance so we know you're coming!  (click the 'sign up now' button on the class you'd like to attend. 

Unlimited Yoga

Come to as many group classes as you'd like within the time frame you decide. 

New Student 14-day class pass - $41.99 (new students only, one time purchase only)

30-day class pass - $95

Sustainer - 30-day auto renewal, 2 months minimum - $85 email for details

Sustainer - 30-day auto renewal, 12 months minimum - $75 email for details

Purchase a Single Online Drop In Class $8

Choose this option if you aren't sure how often you'll come and you don't want or need to have the recorded class made available to you. 

Purchase a 5-, 10-, 20 or 30-class card

You can use your regular class card for our live online or our live in person outdoor classes.  We would really love for you to do this as it really really helps with cash flow planning.  Also, you don't need to do a transaction every time you want to come to yoga, and lets you have 'classes in the bank' with us. 

The downside is that you can't use these class cards if you want to get the recordings. (see below for those options)

Links to purchase:

5-class card

10-class card

20-class card

30-class card

Purchase a Single Recording $12

Choose this option if you want to get the recording of a single upcoming online class. Recordings are not available for outdoor classes.   You must still pre-register for the class, even if you can't attend live.  (this way we know which classes to record!)

Of course  you are still welcome to attend the class live and we encourage you to do that.  We will send you the recording within 24 hours of the end of the class.

Purchase a Pack of Recordings

Choose this option if you know you'd like several recordings.  We have a 5-pack and a 10-pack available.  You still need to sign up in advance for the classes for which you'd like the recording, even if you aren't attending live. 

Purchase the 5-pack here

Purchase the 10-pack here

We will send you the recording withing 24 hours of the end of the class. 

Questions We Have Gotten From You:

Below is a list of questions we have gotten and are always happy to help!  If you have any questions or need more help, please email Tracy at and we will help!

I already have a class card but want to sign up for recordings

Go ahead and sign up for the classes you want to take using your class card, then send an email to Tracy at with the ones you want the recording for; we will figure out how to change the option for you.

I made a purchase but don't know how to sign up for the class I want

Click on the link here to see the schedule and then click on 'sign up' for the class you want and it should work out.  If it doesn't, send Tracy an email at and we will get you signed up for the class you want to take. 

Can I transfer my recording purchases to in person classes when you reopen?

Yes!  If you buy a pack of recordings and we reopen, we will transfer the value of your unused recording credits to your live classes. 

This feels Complicated.  Can you help?

yes!  Send Tracy an email at and we can either figure it out together via email schedule a time to talk on the phone. 

I accidentally bought the wrong thing

No problem!  Email Tracy at and we'll get it sorted out. 

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