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Yin, Meditation and Reiki with Alicia Barry

Sunday, October 1, 2-4pm
$35 in advance;
or three classes on your 5-, 10- 20-, or 30-class card

Yin Yoga is the perfect balance of more active yoga practice as it aims deeper at the connective tissues surrounding the joints, (ligaments, tendons and fascia).The postures are designed to help relieve stress, alleviate tension, target deep fascia and promote blood and oxygen flow throughout the body as well as increasing flexibility, releasing deep-seated energies, while preparing the body and mind for relaxation and meditation.

These passive yet challenging yin postures encourage the practitioner to dive inward on a physical and a mental level allowing them to release tension deeper in the body and access a space of being rather than doing. In this very therapeutic practice postures are held for 3-5 minutes which allows the connective tissue in the body to open more effectively. Throughout the yoga practice Reiki Master Alicia Barry will offer reiki to help guide students deeper into relaxation so that release naturally occurs in the body and mind. This introspective practice will allow students to be present with emotions and experience how and where they manifest in the body. Through rest and relaxation we can reset the nervous system, allowing for a decrease in stress, anxiety and fatigue.

With our energy in balance, we can experience ourselves and the world around us with more openness and love.

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